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Major directors trying to save Kodak film

CNN Entertainment - 5 hours 12 min ago
In just a few years, digital video has overtaken film-based shooting by an overwhelming margin. But in the interest of staving off premature extinction, a group of directors have banded together to keep the Eastman Kodak Co. making movie film.
Categories: Entertainment News

Lavigne gets 17-carat gift

CNN Entertainment - 5 hours 15 min ago
Avril Lavigne's husband, Chad Kroeger, has set a high bar for an anniversary gift.
Categories: Entertainment News

The effect of Brown's music

CNN Entertainment - 5 hours 15 min ago
The effect of James Brown's music, the real Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Disney goes "Into The Woods"!
Categories: Entertainment News

Disney just launched a Muppets digital series

CNN Entertainment - 5 hours 17 min ago
Is it easier being green or going viral?
Categories: Entertainment News

What's new on Netflix and Amazon for August

CNN Entertainment - 5 hours 18 min ago
Netflix and Amazon are adding titles to their streaming options in August.
Categories: Entertainment News

Ebola patients coming to U.S. sparks fear

CNN - 5 hours 23 min ago
The news that two Ebola patients are being brought to America has created waves of concern ranging from mere worry to Hollywood "Outbreak" scenarios to conspiracy theories.
Categories: National News

Oops! Russian soldier Instagrams himself in Ukraine

Business News - 5 hours 49 min ago
A man who identifies himself as a Russian soldier may have inadvertently taken two damning selfies.

Building a brighter future for Guatemalan kids

CNN World - 6 hours 7 min ago
Growing up in Guatemala, Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes watched many of his peers succumb to drugs, gangs and crime.
Categories: International News

Gaza cease-fire collapses

CNN World - 6 hours 11 min ago
A cease-fire in Gaza unraveled only hours after it took effect, with both sides accusing the other of violating the truce.
Categories: International News

Court: Girl charged in Slenderman stabbing incompetent, for now

CNN - 6 hours 16 min ago
One of the 12-year-olds charged with stabbing a friend to impress the fictional Internet bogeyman, Slenderman, was deemed incompetent to stand trial Friday -- at least for now -- according to court documents.
Categories: National News

Stocks finish tough week with more losses

Business News - 6 hours 45 min ago
Investors can't seem to get relief from the summer heat.

Ebola outbreak could be 'catastrophic'

Health - 7 hours 29 min ago
Fear over Ebola is growing as leaders struggle to try to stop the deadly epidemic in West Africa. Here's what you need to know:
Categories: Health

More babies being breast-fed

Health - 7 hours 39 min ago
Here's a roundup of five medical studies published this week that might give you new insights into your health, mind and body. Remember, correlation is not causation -- so if a study finds a connection between two things, it doesn't mean that one causes the other.
Categories: Health

Stop sharing USB Flash drives - right now

Business News - 8 hours 14 min ago
It's time to start thinking of smartphones and USB Flash drives like toothbrushes or razors -- for personal use only.

Learn to speak 'Game of Thrones'

Business News - 8 hours 16 min ago
Read full story for latest details.

P&G dumping 90 brands

Business News - 8 hours 25 min ago
Procter & Gamble is cleaning house.

Lowest August gas prices in four years

Business News - 8 hours 50 min ago
Drivers, rejoice! Gas prices are the lowest they've been at the start of August in four years.

70 experts search MH17 crash site

CNN World - 8 hours 56 min ago
The largest group yet of international experts made it to the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine on Friday, as the grisly search for human remains entered a new phase.
Categories: International News

Anne Frank's final entry

CNN - 8 hours 57 min ago
Seventy years ago, Anne Frank made her final entry in her diary -- a work, says Francine Prose, that provides a crucial link to history for young people
Categories: National News

Hilary Duff on separation from husband: 'Very difficult'

CNN Entertainment - 9 hours 2 min ago
Hilary Duff says her new album is "very positive" but admits that it started out "a lot heavier and a lot darker" because of the separation from her husband, Mike Comrie.
Categories: Entertainment News
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