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Archive - Dec 25, 2012 - Latest News

Former Blackfoot woman seeks to raise awareness of rare heart disease

December 25, 2012

Angela Mack is on a quest.
Being diagnosed a year ago with severe primary pulmonary arterial hypertension has given her the drive and motivation to tell the world about the disease that has severely altered her life as a young single mother.
Mack moved to Idaho 6 years ago to start life over after a divorce in another state.

Local woman seeks to be all she can be

December 25, 2012

Six months before graduating from Blackfoot High School in May 2012, Cheyenne Oleson joined the Idaho National Guard.
“I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself,” she said.
Oleson is an E2, private second class, and is an unit supply specialist.
Her job is to keep track of all inventory and all supplies—incoming and outgoing. She has a bead on everything from fruit to nuts, or more accurately, everything from socks to tanks and a whole lot more in between.

BHS exchange student shares Christmas traditions

December 25, 2012

Julian Andriesen is a foreign exchange student from Germany. He celebrated his 17th birthday on Sunday, Dec. 23.
He hales from Wuppertal in the western part of Germany. He has one sister, Celina, who is 15. His parents are Andre and Elke.
The Advent season begins on Dec. 1.
"In our family, my mom makes our Advent calendar," Julian said. "Since there are four in my family, we each make six small presents for the calendar so we have a small present for each day of the Advent season.

Exchange student shares Christmas traditions

December 25, 2012

Sven Poensgen, a foreign exchange student from Germany, loves the color green
“Almost everyone at Blackfoot High School knew him the first week he was here because he always wears green jeans,” said his host mom, Marcy Curr. “It’s a good thing he attends a high school whose color is green."
Curr is the debate coach at BHS.
Sven's hometown is Ratingen-Lintor, Germany, which is northeast of Duesseldorf in western Germany.
His mother and stepfather are Birgit and Knut. His father and stepmother are Dirk and Elena. His grandmother is Helga and his aunt is Kerstin.

Local woman to take break from volunteering at age 95

December 25, 2012

Lois Larson, age 95, is taking a “leave of absence” from her volunteer work at the Bingham Memorial Hospital Gift Shop. She has worked there for 17 years.
 “It’s nice to work in the gift shop,” Larson said. “You get to visit with people. They tell you about their visit in the hospital.”
 “I’m still available when needed,” she added.
Her decision to take a leave of absence is because of a bad knee.
Larson lives in Firth. Family members drive her to Blackfoot for her shift.
“I’m thankful for what I’ve got; I’m thankful for my family and that I can take care of myself,” she said.

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