4-H members receive leadership awards

BLACKFOOT — Three 4-H members were recognized for their leadership last year.
Chase Herbst, son of Layne and Michaelene Herbst, received the Spirit of 4-H Award. He received $200 for this award that is sponsored by Randy and Julie Wilmot.
"I think this award is amazing," Herbst said. "I like to help the kids and helping to keep the program going." He turns 18 on Saturday and figures the money will go into his truck.
Casey Rosin, son of Matt and Chris Jones, won the Key Award. He has participated in showing swine and sheep and promotes 4-H by making presentations at school and at the Lions Club.
"I like helping younger kids out with their project," Rosin said. "Through 4-H, I've learned a lot of responsibility."
Shayna Rosin, Casey's sister, won a watch from Wells Fargo for her work with younger kids.
"My greatest achievement is helping younger kids find solutions," Rosin said. "I've learned leadership and skills to help you in life."

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