4-Hers preparing for county fair

PINGREE – As a run-up to the 4-H Fair Aug. 1-3, 4-H club members practiced showing their steers in Bingham County Steer Jackpot. The event was Saturday at Val and Heather Carter’s show ring south of Pingree.
In the jackpot, the entry fee comes back to the participants. It was open to all Bingham County 4-H members raising cattle.
Twenty steers were put through their paces. The 4-H members were judged on their showmanship and the quality of the animal.
Showmanship is how the 4-H member grooms his/her steer and how he/she handles the animal in the ring.
In the quality round, the animal is judged.
“From 4-H I’ve learned responsibility,” said 15-year-old Maren Carter, a soon-to-be sophomore at Snake River High School. “He’s hard to take care of.”
“Night and day I feed him and he’s rowdy,” said Maren. “It’s almost like taking care of my 2-year-old niece.”
Maren did admit her 2-year-old niece was much smaller than the 1,100 pound Angus-Murray Grey cross she was trying to lead around the show ring. Maren’s steer is 15 months old. His name is Murray.
Murray Grey is a breed of cattle developed along the Murray River in Australia.
The cattle were much bigger than their 4-H counterparts. The steers weighed a minimum of 1,100 pounds so they were approximately 10 times heavier than their handlers.
“It’s good experience for cattle and kids,” said cattleman Lex Carter.
Lanette Duncan from Springfield was the judge.
The 4-H County Horse Show is July 29-30 at the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds (EISF). The 4-H County Fair is Aug. 1-3 at EISF.
The 4-H Market Animal Barbecue is at 4:30 p.m.on Aug. 3 followed by the 4-H Market Animal Sale at 6:30 p.m. the same day.