Aberdeen School District to conduct levy vote on Tuesday

The Aberdeen school district is asking voters to approve a $600,000 supplemental levy, the same amount that was requested last year. The election is from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday at the American Legion in Aberdeen and Road and Bridge in Springfield.
"In light of the current economic climate and the challenges families in our communities and across the state are facing, we are doing everything we can to curb costs," said Superintendent Jane Ward. "We will strive to maintain your trust and use resources wisely to continually provide outstanding educational opportunities for all students."
The Aberdeen School District's efforts to reduce costs due to state funding cutbacks include:
- 2010-11 Teacher and staff furloughs reduced school district costs by $158,567.77.
No bus purchases reduced costs by $83,000.
- 2011-12 Teacher furlough days reduced school district costs by $80,458.43.
- 2011-12 Lost staff positions through attrition reduced school district costs by
-Sept. 2011 District refinanced School Bond for an approximate savings of $226,331 that will be repaid through tax savings to the patrons in five years.
Levy funds may be used for:
The purchase of desks, carpet, paint, school buses and curriculum.
Heating / cooling systems and plumbing that need replaced and maintained.
Building maintenance as well as the increased gas, electricity, and fuel costs
Aberdeen School District students continually demonstrate exceptional academic growth, Ward said.
A supplemental levy usually increases each year, however, the school district successfully refinanced its 2002 bond in the fall of 2011. The interest savings is being passed on to constituents.
Because of the bond refinance, during the 2012-13 school year patrons will see an overall decrease in property tax assessment.
For example, interest savings on an $80,000 (Market Value) house, a negative (1.83) per year tax divided by 12 months would be a ($.15) decrease in taxes per month.
School officials urged a 'yes' vote on the levy.