Accusers to speak to commissioners

BLACKFOOT — The rumor mill is swirling around Bingham Memorial Hospital (BMH).
"We are concerned about it [BMH]; that everything is upright," said Bingham County Commissioner A. Ladd Carter. "There have been ongoing allegations of wrong doing.
"The hospital now employs 600 employees," he said. "It has a significant impact on the community.
"We want to see it be successful," said Carter.
An executive session is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Tuesday with the BMH Board of Directors and the County Commissioners.
Carter said Commissioner Cleone Jolley had asked Lee Hammett, Bingham County's Planning & Zoning chair, to facilitate information about the hospital.
"My goal is to try and save Bingham Memorial Hospital's reputation and its capabilities (specifically critical access) in Bingham County," Hammett said.
Hammett said he has documentation that states hospital employees moved hospital equipment off of hospital property and installed the equipment at a different business in Pocatello on hospital time.
Hammett said he has people who are ready to come forward with specific information regarding indiscretions and improprieties at BMH.
Hammett said, one board member stated he did not want the Tuesday meeting.
"Why is the board not being cooperative?" questioned Hammett.
"Either [the board members] want to know what's here or they don't," Hammett said.
"The [hospital] board members need to protect these people," he said. "These people are courageous; they are cowboying up."
People are coming forward after hearing about the outside business dealings of administrators at Bingham Memorial Hospital, Hammett said.
Louis Kraml, CEO at BMH, and Dan Cochran, COO at BMH, own the International Consulting Service (ICS). ICS is a coding/billing company that has worked with the Commonwealth Heathcare Corporation in Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.
ICS was ordered to cease and desist its coding/billing for the Saipan hospital in 45 days.
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