'Be leaders,' Sho-Ban keynote speaker challenges

Nathan Brown, a Shoshone student at Idaho State University, challenged members of the Shoshone-Bannock High School Class of 2012 to be leaders on Thursday.
"Leadership is all about integrity," Brown said. "And ultimately it's about love, love for your people, for your Creator, for your spouse and for yourself," Brown said.
"Stand up for your values," he added as he told the graduates "you can have anything you want. It is in your reach. The future is in your hands; the future is in your minds."
Shawn Running Horse, a Sioux from South Dakota who was salutorian, reminded his fellow students the teachers taught him. "Never give up on yourself. Never say 'I can't.' It takes wisdom and courage to achieve."
Valedictorian Theresa Galloway reminded the graduates, "Achievements are not easy to come by," she said, noting they had taken an important first step.
"Your whole life is an education," she concluded.
Nathan Small, chairman of the Fort Hall Business Council, echoed Galloway. "You're never going to quit learning."
Seventeen students received their diplomas and Pendleton blankets.