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BHS boys' basketball coach reinstated

January 10, 2011

BLACKFOOT — The Blackfoot High School varsity basketball coach placed on leave last month was reinstated Monday. The coach was placed on leave in December pending a criminal investigation involving former student athletes.
According to a press release issued by the Blackfoot School District Monday, "the administrative leave from coaching duties of Blackfoot High School Boys’ Basketball Head Varsity Coach Jonathan Packer has been rescinded effective immediately." The action was taken following investigations by the district and the Bingham County Prosecutor's Office.


The point?

January 11, 2011 by Really... (not verified), 4 years 19 weeks ago
Comment: 288

So what was the point of putting him on "leave" in the first place? Just to make it look like they were doing something??
So does this mean that because they dropped the felonies for now that everyone is off the hook? I thought this district had a ZERO tolerance policy? I guess only the kids are held to that standard and not the adults...
For the record, Packer was never the problem- it's the other coaches/teachers that knew about this and have known about it for years and have done nothing! As well as our administration!


January 12, 2011 by BLKFTRES, 4 years 19 weeks ago
Comment: 290

The administration was right in suspending him. They are very wrong in taking him off. Nothing has changed in the whole thing other than the felonies were dropped. That does not mean that there was no wrong doing. How can any parent feel good about their kids riding the bus to a sporting event with him in charge. Whatever wrongdoing that was done happened on his watch. It happened while he was in charge of kids on the bus. He knew it happened yet did nothing about it. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot say you were aware of things and yet did nothing. Then do about face and turn around and say you know nothing. Double standards all over the place here and I am guessing the right attorney is going to make a lot of money because of it. School did the right thing and now have made this a mockery. So why would you put the fox back with the sheep. Packer knew it was going on yet did nothing about it. He was trusted to look after best interest of all those kids. If he had simply done his job this whole thing would not have even taken place to start with. The sad part is the interim coach had the team turned around and winning. Program looked like it was on the way up. They were 2-0 with their game plans in place. The Snake River game was not their game plan. Sad that it has taken one step forward and 3 back. Blackfoot School District has put themselves in a position they are exposed to legal actions and lawsuits now. One kid has spent time in jail and others may as well. Judge even asked why this was not taken care of at the school level. If Packer had done his job correctly this whole thing never would have happened. How can you not know what is going on if you are on the bus and your younger brother is a player on the team. It just doesnt add up. Worse mistake was not hiring a proven coach last year to take over program. I doubt any of this would have happened under Coach Shelly. Lots of mistakes that are going to be very costly have happened. IT IS WHAT IT IS

Not always what it seems...

January 13, 2011 by Really... (not verified), 4 years 19 weeks ago
Comment: 294

I was told that Coach Packer did know about the incident and actually pulled the boys apart. He also went back to the school and told the administration about it and was told it wasn't a big deal and to let it go. If that is the case then he did what he was supposed to do by reporting it and the ball was dropped up higher.
Reguardless- you are right about the double standards in this district! And your so right about coach Shelly! They were nuts to pass him up!! Just goes to show what a good 'ol boy system we have in this district.
I am wondering how they "cleared" him? What exactly did they do? Just because feloney charges were dropped doesn't mean this whole thing didn't happen! They are still facing criminal charges, it still happened on the bus under coach packers supervision (or lack there of), it is still against our districts ZERO TOLERENCE policy. Like I have stated before- this whole thing was a sacrifical offering to make it look like they were doing something, which they did not. Under the rug this goes just like everything else that our administration doesn't want to deal with.

It is what it is...

January 12, 2011 by athletesmom, 4 years 19 weeks ago
Comment: 292

.....and I dare say, very poor judgment by SD 55- and I am dismayed. Superintendent Crane and the school board were JUSTIFIED 100%, and ETHICALLY CORRECT, to suspend Coach Packer until the entire issue is resolved 100% by the court; and UNETHICAL to reinstate him, until the entire issue is resolved legally and ETHICALLY within SD 55 patrons.

Ethics are TRICKY; BUT VERY DEFINABLE. While an illegal act is 100% unethical; an unethical act is NOT NECESSARILY illegal............. THINK ABOUT THIS AGAIN.........because it is confusing; and demands critical thinking. I just spent the entire last semester at ISU exploring this concept...and had to think, and re-think; and re-examine, then think again- with substantiation...and it was exhausting... BOTTOM LINE; EQUIVOCALLY.... what is ETHICALLY right is right, and ETHICALLY wrong is wrong and perhaps illegal, BUT IS ENTIRELY separate from the legal perspective and courts. I implore you to consider what is ETHICALLY right or wrong.

The bottom line- SD 55 citizens DESERVE INTEGRABLE AND ETHICAL PROGRAMS- whether it be in Core Academics, Arts, or Sports Programs- 100% OF THE TIME; ALL OF THE TIME- A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TAXPAYERS OF SD 55 HAVE THE RIGHT TO TO EXPECT AND DEMAND. If you're so inclined, PLEASE ask yourself: given the current mess and under the current circumstances DO I THINK SD 55 IS DOING THE RIGHT THING by re-instating Coach Packer??? If you feel this action is UNETHICAL AND UNJUSTIFIABLE, than you need to contact YOUR ELECTED school-board appointee or Superintendent Scott Crane, and make your feeling heard!!!

Irregardless of what becomes "legally applicable" in this widely publicized and disturbing case, This was COACH PACKER'S TEAM. HE IS AN SD 55 EDUCATOR, AND THESE WERE HIS PLAYERS. As a COACH and LEADER of the BHS 2009/10 Basketball team, HE BEARS A SD 55 PUBLIC ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ACTIONS THAT OCCURRED- whether he had knowledge of the acts alleged or not- which may not ever be determined by the court, as he is not accused legally; but logically questions remain.

Considering this- Coach Packer's reinstatement is MIND-BLOWING, and bears the question: WHAT IS SD 55, AND ARE THE TAXPAYERS THINKING??? ARE ETHICS NOT A CONSIDERATION??? I HATE TO BELIEVE THE PATRONS ARE BENDING OVER, BUT IT SEEMS (For lack of a more respectful way to state this) EVERYONE IS JUST EATING CRAP....and MAKE NO MISTAKE...IT IS CRAP...ALL SD 55 ATHLETIC PROGRAMS, IN THE WAKE OF PACKER'S REINSTATEMENT, ARE SEEN WITHIN THE ENTIRE STATE OF IDAHO AS NOTHING BUT CRAP, CRAP, CRAP. There was mud in the face of Blackfoot athletic programs in the wake of this mess, but now....the mud is in the face of SD 55 as a whole. Sickening.

State of Idaho citizens think, there's no accountability within SD 55. Students will screw up but the district doesn't care, Ethics?? Integrity?? NO..not a consideration in Blackfoot....Now I'm really sick...Oh and the 2007 and 2009 State Football Championship teams could be disparaged...(there must have been some dishonesty going on SOMEWHERE)..I MUST THROW UP NOW... for anyone to try to disparage Coach Buck's program makes me really sick...MY SON WAS ONE OF THE TEAM CAPTAINS ON THE 2007 FOOTBALL TEAM...Do not all of you SD 55 patrons/boosters see the end result as determined by SD 55'S decison to reinstate Coach Packer?? WHERE ARE THE ETHICS???

If any of you care about integrity and ethics within SD 55 athletics....let your voice be heard. Take note, the entire state of Idaho is watching.

Ethic's are tricky...

January 14, 2011 by Really... (not verified), 4 years 19 weeks ago
Comment: 297

I have never felt that Ethics were even a consideration in this district. I have seen questionable ethics for many years in this district- espically from the administrators! I have watched coaches do very unethical things without a second thought. At the top of that unethical heap is your precious coach buck. Some of the things that I have seen him do and things that players have told me he does is completely out of line, against not only district policy but IHSAA rules! BUT, if you bring home that championship trophy then everyone looks the other way-- that is what makes me truely sick.
The sad thing about this whole packer situation is that no "internal investigation" was done. It was all for show. Packer was never in any danger of being let go on a perm basis. That was made clear when they still allowed him to teach while he was suspended! Talk about ethics!! Your right about one thing- this district has things ass backwards! The smell usually comes from the head down- and this district has one stinky head!!


January 26, 2011 by athletesmom, 4 years 17 weeks ago
Comment: 298

"Really" have my curiosity piqued. In regards to the BHS football program, I ask you: What are the things you've seen coach(es) do; or what was it that players have told you- that in your opinion, are wrong and against SD 55 policy? What IHSAA rules; in your opinion, have been violated in this program???

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