Blackfoot Community Center receives grants for improvements

BLACKFOOT – Blackfoot Community Center (BCC) received two grants last week. One grant was from the Bistline Foundation Fund and the other was received from the CHC Foundation, Inc.
BCC received a grant for $3,000 from the F.M. and Anne G. and Beverly B. Bistline Foundation Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation to purchase exhibits for the art and music rooms of BCC’s Children’s Museum of Idaho.
“We are fortunate to receive the Bistline Grant,” said Ashlee Howell, Director of BCC. “The grant money will be used to expand the children’s theater.
“We are working to remodel the Children’s Museum Building on Sexton Street,” she said. “When finished, it will include lifts, props and staging.”
The staging area is part of the early childhood program at BCC for children, ages infants through second grade.
“It will be open for families,” said Howell. “There will be additional museum hours.
“We want to provide opportunities that are open to the public.”
The CHC Foundation, Inc., awarded the BCC $16,000 for indoor playground equipment.
“The grant pays for only a portion of the expense,” Howell said.
“We have great parks in Blackfoot, like Jensen Grove,” she said, “However, with our long winter months and cold weather from October through June, there hasn’t been much indoor recreation available until now.
“We want to develop an indoor playground with more amenities to the public,” said Howell. “It can be used for, say, parents’ night out.
“It a way for families and children to unite,” said Howell.
The Board of Directors of CHC Foundation, Inc., also awarded Hobbs Elementary School in Shelley a grant for $4,269 for graphing calculators.
Stuart Elementary in Shelley was awarded $3,000 for library books from the CHC Foundation.
The CHC Foundation also awarded Rockford Elementary School in the Snake River School District $2,500 for an outdoor classroom.
During its spring 2012 award cycle, the CHC Foundation gave 39 grant awards that totaled $224,259. All recipients are eligible 501(c)3 organizations located in the 10 counties of Southeastern Idaho.  
The Fall 2012 granting application session is currently open and CHC Foundation is receiving grant applications now through July 27, 2012.
Please visit the website: to download all necessary application forms and specific deadline dates. If you have additional questions, please call (208) 522-2368 during morning hours.
The spring-summer grant cycle awarded by the Bistline Fund totaled $55,000 to arts-focused nonprofits in southeastern Idaho.
The Bistline Fund gives grants twice each year. It was established in 2011. Previously, it was the F.M. and Ann G. and Beverly B. Bistline Foundation, a private foundation founded in 1999 by Pocatello philanthropist Beverly Bistline and named in honor of her parents.
The Idaho Community Foundation is a statewide public nonprofit organization whose goal is to have a permanent endowment of charitable dollars that will serve Idaho forever. Each named fund has a designated purpose and distributes grants or scholarships to support a charity or cause.
A gift of any size to an ICF fund helps increase the size and number of grants and scholarships awarded to local nonprofits and students.
For more information, contact the website at: