Blackfoot council approves fee increases

Members of the Blackfoot City Council approved increases to several city fees on Tuesday.
Effective Oct. 1, the fee for rental of shelters at Jensen Grove and other city parks will increase from $50 to $75. Participation in city recreation leagues will be $15 for everyone regardless of whether they live in the city limits or outside of them.
On May 1, the cost of an annual family pass at the Blackfoot Swimming Pool will go from $375 to $425.
Water fees will go up one dollar per month with incremental increases for different-sized pipes. Sanitation fees also increased slightly while utility fees changed as well.
The cost of a parking ticket will increase from $15 to $20 on May 1.
In other business Blackfoot city councilmen unanimously approved approved a zone change from R2 to R3 at Fisher Street and South Street. A conditional use permit was also approved to construct a six-plex at this location with a garage and shop.
Three people spoke in opposition.
Ken Bair asked the councilmen to err on the side of homeowners.
"This will decrease property values," Bair said. "It will decrease the quality of life, degrade property and decrease the values of family homes."
Katy Anderson Miller cited the decreased value of homes and their re-salability, the location of garbage containers, increased flow of traffic and safety hazards and the tenants.
Ruth Ray asked why builder Skip Gardner didn't go with four-plexes.
"The building would be builder Skip Gardner. The buildings will look harmonious with vinyl siding.
Councilman Chris Jensen pointed out that the constitution originally guaranteed life, liberty and property. Planning & Zoning had approved this plan previously.
"People are able to do what they want on their own property," Jensen said.
Councilmen voted 3-1 and approved the extension of the Downtown district under the Blackfoot Urban Renewal Agency (BURA). The district will be extended south from Mark Lane to the Blackfoot city limits and north to Oak Ridge.
Businesses have used BURA seed money to improve storefronts and the area around the Downtown eistrict.
Councilmen Jensen voted in opposition.
The council also voted to extend BURA for 10 years until 2022.
"This will not cost the city of Blackfoot any money," said Scott Reese. "The district scope will be able to help other businesses.
"The advantage of renewing BURA is the district does not need to create a new district," Reese said.
The council approved fee rates. There will be a $1 increase per month for water use.
The effective date is May 1, except for parks and recreation fees which go into effect come on Oct. 1.
This passed unanimously, 4-0.
The council approved a two-year contract for a resource officer in the Blackfoot School District.
This will be the fourth cycle for this resource officer, said Blackfoot Police Capt. Kurt Asmus.
Airport Lease Agreement Renewals for Donald Harris, Darold Bingham, Melvin England and Kevin Larsen were also approved.