Blackfoot councilman will be missed

As the longest running city councilmen in Blackfoot, Farrell Cammack was clearly loved and respected by his friends and colleagues within the city offices and will be sorely missed. Cammack died at his home Tuesday evening after a tough battle with cancer.
Cammack had just been re-elected to another four-year term last November, making it his fifth term and his 17th year of service to the city. He continued to serve right up to his death.
Blackfoot Mayor Mike Virtue thought earnestly before speaking of his councilman and friend.
"He was like the weight-bearing structure of a building," Virtue said. "He wasn't pretentious...he wasn't doesn't matter what you had as a couldn't function without him."
City Clerk Suzanne McNeel described Cammack as "a friend to all who was highly dedicated to the city and the employees."
"He loved living in this city," McNeel said. "He will be absolutely, horribly missed by all."
Virtue went on to say, "I can honestly say, he never had an underlying agenda except to serve the community and do what was best for the city of Blackfoot."
The City of Blackfoot lost councilman Chris Gardner in an ATV accident two summers ago.
"You sure don't expect to lose to councilmen in two years," Virtue noted.
Mayor Virtue said that as allowed by state law, he will appoint an interim counselor to take Cammack's place until the next general election in the fall of 2013. At that time, a new councilmen can be elected to finish out what would've have been Cammack's last two years.
Funeral services for Cammack will be Monday, June 2, at 2 Hawker Funeral Home, 132 South Shilling Street in Blackfoot.