Blackfoot High graduates 221

There was the usual 'pomp and circumstance' one expects from a graduation ceremony mixed in with the humor, talent and personality - unique to the Blackfoot High School Class (BHS) of 2012 as 221 students received their high school diplomas Thursday at Blackfoot Performing Arts Center.
Senior choir members sang a flawless rendition of the national anthem followed by opening remarks from student Brad Carter who said: "This is not the beginning of the end...the end is just the beginning. Make what you do count, because history doesn't grant second chances."
Any pre-graduation jitters were likely calmed by graduate Robert Cannon's soothing flute solo (accompanied by June Cannon) played early in the ceremony.
Students Makayla Roswell and Ryan Gallegos shared some thoughts on the school year, both expressing their pride about being a part of the BHS's Class of 2012.
Salutatorian Jeremy Johnson read a poem that he wrote about the stages of a young man's life with a phrase saying: "Some may say the end is near...but believe me the beginning is right here."
Valedictorian Mark Hudson's speech was interrupted by a little bit of a humor from his twin brother Ryan who jumped on stage with him saying, "he just wanted to get a picture for mom!" Hudson went on share his pride in his fellow classmates saying "I have seen this class of 2012 do some amazing things..they have won so many state championships in so many different competitions."
Retiring District 55 Superintendent Scott Crane who accepted the graduates said, "This class is a fine example of the kind of students that come out of Blackfoot High. They are an amazing class; their achievements are many."
Collectively, students from BHS's class of 2012 were awarded over $700,000 in scholarship money.
Following the presentation of diplomas, student Cameron Baker lead the class in the traditional flipping of tassels followed by a musical version of "The Lord's Prayer" by seniorNatasha Watson.
Senior Tylie Polatis gave closing remarks with plenty of praise and good wishes for her fellow classmates. The final recession of BHS's Class of 2012 graduation ceremony was complete with a flood of 'cheers and tears' by the ceremony came to a close
But as this 'Class of 2012' believes: "The end is just the beginning..."