Blackfoot High prom dates to be identified

The junior-senior prom at Blackfoot High School (BHS) is scheduled for May 12. Controversy about how a "guest" is defined erupted in the halls of the school this week.
The 2011-2012 Blackfoot High School planner book states, "The attendance to prom is limited to currently enrolled, full time Blackfoot High School juniors and seniors and their dates."
Dates and guests are the issue that is being defined.
"I am by no means trying to exclude anyone," said BHS principal John Pearce. "In my last school in Arkansas, only students attending that high school were allowed to attend social functions.
"I am learning what are the traditions at BHS," Pearce said. "At the last dance was the first time I was aware students other than BHS students were attending the dance.
"I am willing to change," he said.
"This is not a policy change, just a procedural one," Pearce said. "We are not trying to exclude any student. I want my kids to have a good time.
"I'm asking students to help me promote a safe and healthy environment," he said. "Part of that safety concern is knowing who is attending the junior-senior prom.
"We are establishing accountability for the safety of our kids," Pearce said. "We are asking students at our school to register the person as their guest who does not attend Blackfoot High School, prior to the prom."
"We will then ask the school and/or family if the student is in good standing at his or her school," the principal said.
Discussion about age is yet to occur, Pearce said. The guest form is yet to be developed.