Blackfoot man recalls WWII

BLACKFOOT — As Dyle Clark prepared to step onto a landing craft in the Philippines during World War II, a sailor said, "that's enough."
"I turned to my buddy and said, 'there's room for two more and we climbed in," Clark recalled recently.
"When we were climbing the nets onto the boat after that, the general asked, 'did we get them all?' He was told we had left about 350."
Those guys were later involved in a big battle and many were killed, Clark recalled.
The flash of inspiration that led him to ignore the sailor and climb into the landing craft, "was a blessing to me," Clark said. "There's a good chance I wouldn't have been here."
Now in his 95th year, Clark served in Philippines and in Japan before returning home in 1946. He barbered with his brother James for 20 years, worked alone for another 40 and retired in 2000. His son, Robert, took over the barber shop on Pacific Street and is still there.
Clark, who was born and raised near where he lives, remains active. He serves in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple and can be seen with friends at local events.
Clark had other blessings during the war, he said.
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