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Blackfoot School District officials release documents about pact with former superintendent

December 11, 2012

Scott Crane

Former Blackfoot School District superintendent Scott Crane received nearly a quarter million dollars in the employment separation agreement signed between Crane and the school district.
The separation agreement was released on Monday.
Crane's separation agreement was signed April 20, 2012, four days before the trustees "approved the agreement as executed by Employee B-2012 and the Chairman of the Blackfoot School District Board of Trustees on behalf of the board," as stated in the board minutes of the April 24 meeting.
In the oral hearing conducted last Friday, it was revealed Blackfoot employee B-2012 is Crane.
Under separation payment, "the District agrees to pay Superintendent the settlement amount of $210,856, in two equal payments of $105,428, which shall respectively be due on July 2, 2012 and July 1, 2013.
"The District further agrees to pay Superintendent a longevity benefit of $9,000, also due and payable in full on July 2, 2012.
It was explained that, under normal circumstances, Blackfoot School District certified personnel must declare his/her retirement three years before retiring. The first year, the teacher would receive $2,000; the second year $3,000 and the third year $4,000.
If the teacher was unable to complete the three years before retirement, he/she would not receive the full amount.
The District also agreed to pay Crane any accrued, but unused vacation leave, existing as of June 30. This amount was paid on July 1, 2012.
Under the "Cessation of Employment," the Superintendent was considered to be on paid leave of absence for the month of June 2012.
The employment separation agreement also stated, "In the event any action is brought … to enforce the public's right to inspect and copy this Agreement, the District shall respond to and defend such action on the basis that this Agreement is part of Superintendent's personnel file, and is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to the provisions of Idaho Code § 9-340©.
The suit to force the school district to reveal this hidden contract was brought by former Blackfoot School District teacher Joyce Bingham.
Responding to the release of this document, Bingham said, "As a patron, I'm bothered that the district would pay out Dr. Crane and hide it from us.
"It is unfortunate it took this length of time and all this publicity to get access to a public record," she said. "This agreement makes me sad for education and mad that it was done."
In a noon meeting Monday, Blackfoot School District trustees acknowledged the Open Meeting violations.
Board Chairman Scott Reese said the [board members] were not aware they had not followed open meetings laws until The Post Register had sent the district a registered letter on Nov. 26.
Reese is a former mayor for the City of Blackfoot.
Jared Harris, Bingham's attorney, remarked, "The [trustees] unanimously agreed to to hide the agreement, it's hard to believe they did not understand the open meeting laws."
"Who's idea was this separation agreement?" Harris asked. "Who drafted it?"
"Did the board hire an attorney to draft the agreement and when did they do it?" he asked.
The Blackfoot School District was responding to the court order that required it to release the information between the school district and Crane. The order was issued by District Judge David Nye last Friday.

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Big Bully

January 28, 2013 by CountryPumpkin, 2 years 16 weeks ago
Comment: 3596

Crane is nothing more than a big bully! He took this money that HE HIMSELF wrote into HIS OWN contract and had his buddies on the school board sign (the former school board, not the new one). He set this school board up to take the fall, because that is what a bully does! He is a bad man and this district should be thankful that he is gone!! If he loved this district so much then why take this money? Oh ya, because he knew the new school board would call him on his s#@t and not let him continue to run things on his own agenda anymore! He knew what would happen, (most bullies know they will eventually get caught) and he wrote himself one last big fat check before he left. He is MOST CERTAINLY not the victim, this school district and the students are!!

Shock & no awe

December 11, 2012 by Wendy_jo, 2 years 23 weeks ago
Comment: 2914

So this is why they call Blackfoot "Little Chicago." I just moved back a few months ago after moving away nearly 30 years ago and was aware of my home town's nickname but not sure why folks referred to our small city so disrespectfully. Now I know why.

When even our teachers and school administrators ignore the law, while pretending to not know the law, for their own advantage then it makes us look like a little Chicago. Why should students respect what any teacher or what the law are trying to teach them when the teachers themselves don't respect the laws and have no respect for the tax payers who provide their finances?

Ignorance of the law is no excuse of breaking the law. All educators involved in breaking our trust, in breaking the open meeting law should be fired. Today's students should be shown by example that liars, cheaters will not be tolerated and most especially when they are educators paid by the Idaho tax payers.

tax dollars laundered through native tribes

December 11, 2012 by william beasley, 2 years 23 weeks ago
Comment: 2917

the dept.of the interior, Fort hall business council, fort hall bia, united states are laundering tax dollars through native american tribes to non indian corporations, illeglly incorporating individuals into our tribe/corporation, for verification look on the WWW shoshone and bannock tribes, shobanews, FHBC resolution transmittal, the fhbc just gave the poc. school district $84,000, you can get the resolutions/tribal meetings literature at the right the tribal business center administration office window, our laws can be found in the shoshone and bannock constitution and bylaws 1934, shoshone and bannock corprate charter 1934, fort bridger treaty of 1868, end of treaty making 1871 is when tribes became "WARDS of the gov. the treaty has been abrogated since day one, get rid of them, were citizens of the united states anyway.

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