Boxer on way to goal

Growing up, Sara Thompson enjoyed attending her brother Josh's boxing matches.
Since her freshman year at Blackfoot High School, the tables have been turned. Now Josh attends his 20-year-old sister's matches.
Thompson has had a dozen bouts, the most recent one for the Women's Intermountain Bantomweight Championship in Pocatello on Jan. 28.
She battled 29-year-old Mary Vellinga of Salt Lake City, Utah, and beat her, winning a large championship belt. It was her third win in a row. She is now 9-3 although, she pointed out, two were walk-throughs. That means her opponent didn't show up.
"These last two fights have been pretty tough," said Thompson. "I've got to get more back into shape."
The women fight four two-minute rounds in their matches.
Thompson trains with Raiburn Buckskin of Fort Hall at the Eagle Hawk Boxing Club.
"I've always wanted to box because not a lot of girls do it," Thompson said.
"Now my goal is to make it to nationals."
Her next step toward that goal will likely be a match in Fort Hall in April.
"I need to become better at slipping punches," she said of the aspects of her sport she will be focusing on over the next few months.
"Right now I'm all about boxing," she said. She boxes for about two-and-one-half hours a day Monday through Thursday.
"There's nothing really hard about it," she continued. "The harder you train, the better you'll be at it."
In addition to the competition, Thompson said, "I enjoy meeting each fighter and going new places."