Burglary defendant gets probation

BLACKFOOT — Shaden Leland Ross Walters was sentenced to probation and
fined $1,355.50 Monday by Bingham County Seventh Judicial Judge Darren
On May 23, 2011, Walters, age 19, and co-defendant Chris Nelson were
charged with burglary. The pair were charged with stealing from Todd
Joseph Jensen.
On Oct. 3, Walters pleaded not guilty to the burglary charge and then
changed his plea to guilty on Nov. 14.
In Walters' plea deal, the prosecuting attorney, the defense attorney
and the pre-sentence investigator agreed that Walters was a good
candidate for probation. Defense counsel Cindy Campbell said, “This is
his first felony.”
“A number of things bother me about this case,” said Judge Simpson.
"First, that you would just take something from another person. Second,
that you put blame on a different individual. And then there are the
mental health issues and substance abuse issue."
Simpson sentenced Walters to five years of probation. Walters received
a withheld judgment and Judge Simpson will retain
Walters was given 60 days of local incarceration and could face an
additional 90 days of discretionary jail time. He must also complete
65 hours of community service by Sept. 30, 2012.
Walters was ordered to pay restitution to the victim that totals $362.
Walters was fined $600; he also must pay court costs of $225.50 and
pay for treatment for substance abuse.
Walters' fines and fees equal $1,355.50. The total amount due the court
is $1,717.50.
Walters also must not be around co-defendant Chris Nelson.
“He has new friends now,” his defense counsel said.
Walters must obtain and maintain regular employment. If he is not
employed, he must be involved in some form of education or vocational
training, said Judge Simpson.