Captain Supertooth promotes super clean teeth

Captain Supertooth, defender of oral health and arch-nemesis of bacteria and cavities, came to Southeast Idaho promoting good oral hygiene on Thursday.
Armed with a giant toothbrush, a mouthy puppet and knowledge, the giant molar taught first and second graders from Stalker Elementary proper brushing techniques, flossing, the importance of regular dental exams and staying away from sugar. He made a stop at Lillian Vallely School later in the day.
At Stalker volunteers from the classes represented teeth with food, bacteria and plaque on them.
Captain Supertooth gave the brush-off to the foul offenders with his giant toothbrush, string of floss and a final rinse-off with a bucket of confetti.
Director from Delta Dental Community Outreach, Lisa Reed said, " We've had children correctly repeat Captain Supertooth's advice to them a year or more after he visited their school. Parents are thrilled when suddenly their child is brushing their teeth without having to be told, simply because 'Captain Supertooth said so'".
Delta Dental of Idaho established its Captain Supertooth program as part of its community outreach work to help educate young children about proper brushing and good dental health. Since the inception of the program in 2005, Captain Supertooth has worked with more than 23,000 Idaho children.The program also provides toothbrushes, 2-minute timers and charts for the children to promote good habits at home.