The Castle sold to BCCLC

BLACKFOOT — The distinctive Castle Pre-School and Day Care, north of Blackfoot, has been sold to the Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center (BCCLC) on Hunter's Loop. The two facilities share a common 174 foot boundary.
The Castle Pre-School and Day Care will be open through Thursday, July 31. BCCLC will take over ownership on Friday, Aug. 1.
"The school needed more room," said BCCLC administrator Fred Ball. "I approached Shelly [Boyd, owner of the Castle Pre-School and Day Care], to ask if she would be willing to negotiate. This will releave the space concerns we have for the present."
"It was a hard decision," said Castle owner Shelly Boyd. "I went back a forth [about the decision]."
Last Monday, she decided to sell. Monday evening she started to call her parents [of the pre-schoolers and day care children].
"I wouldn't consider selling to anyone else," said Boyd.
"I have been here [at the Castle] eight years," she said. "My husband and I built the building.
"I have worked really hard to build up my business," said Boyd. "This was the best year I've ever had.
"I have been working in daycare/pre-school for 21 years total so I think I'll take one year off and then, probably, start another pre-school," she said. "I'll miss the kids and all the hugs."
"This is the ideal situation for us," said Ball. "This is a win all the way around."
Plans to add two more classrooms to the Castle are underway. The kitchen will become a faculty workroom.
"The air conditioning is fantastic," said Boyd.
Future plans include building a connector between the two buildings.
"The two buildings will make up one school but they will operate as two small schools, each with grades K-5," Ball said. "Each building will have its own library."
Jonathan Braack has been hired as the assistant principal. He will be the administrator of the east campus (BCCLC). Ball will be the administrator of the west campus (the Castle).
"We want to maintain a small school atmosphere; a small school feel," said Ball. "It's a different environment; a different culture."
So far, the number of registered students at BCCLC is 336 for the fall. School begins on Monday, Aug. 18.
"We have a plan in place for growth," said Ball. "Now that we have space, we have asked the Idaho Public Charter School Committee for permission to increase the number of students we can accept."
Registration for this upcoming school year is Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 6 and 7, at BCCLC.
The Castle is planning a garage sale from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday.
"We have lots of supplies, including 12 cribs, a toddler table, six high chars and five swings," said Boyd.