Celebrity cook gives 'super' party tips

Celebrity cook Daina Falk has a lot of suggestions for throwing a great party.
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BLACKFOOT — The biggest game of the year will take place on Sunday and millions of people around the country will be "fangating."
"It is the same thing as tailgating — you eat, drink, and watch sports with friends and family — you are just doing it in a different location instead of at the stadium, whether it is at home or a sports bar or wherever," said Daina Falk, Founder and CEO of Hungry Fan.
Daina’s first cookbook hit bookshelves last August and is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon.com in Tailgating Cooking. The book features many of her own fangating recipes and many more she’s collected from Olympians and professional athletes such as Michael Jordan, LeBron 
James, Andre Agassi, Boomer Esiason and Robert Griffin III.
She offers several suggestions for those preparing to host a party this weekend.
"I like to plan two main recipes," Falk said. "One for each team."
This year Falk recommends an Atlanta-insipred pulled pork recipe and some Beantown baked beans for New England. Both can be found in her cookbook.
And for those looking for ways to eat a little healthier at the party, she says low fat Greek yogurt is a great substitute for sour cream in your dips.
Among Falk's other party suggestions: have your food all prepared in advance so you don't miss any of the action, provide koozies for the drinks and decorate them in support of your team (even turn this into a competition), have a variety of flavors for guests to choose from, and some sort of pool (such as Super Bowl squares) to keep people invested in the game.
What else do you need for a great party?
Our readers chimed in on Facebook. Their musts for a super party? Great food, lots of friends, comfortable/adequate seating and a close game are among the top requests.
Here's a few more.
"Food and the people you watch it with, oh and a visible TV." — Brenda Wood
"Delicious food, great friends, and no Patriots fans invited!!" — Cheyenne Hagar
"Patriots winning and Roger Goodell handing Tom the Super Bowl trophy. Those trolls and memes would be too epic!" — Kayla Ostrand
"Your team is playing, friends/family are with you, there's a rival team's fan in the room and fun games are planned for on the spot calls like flags, field goals, interceptions, touchdowns, etc. Make the night a Super Bowl Party." — Shauntel Marotz
"Burns on Tom Brady!" — Derrick Harvey
"Someone brings their kid that is old enough to babysit all the younger ones so you can watch the commercials undisturbed." — Bethany Barrow
"Fans. If no one's team is playing then you have a bunch of people sitting around, eating good food, watching the commercials, and cheering for the team they like the least. I want a party with people dressed in all their gear, faces painted, yelling at the TV, and letting the women watch the commercials while the men get more wings." — Joshua Hansen