Centennial celebration open house at Bingham Co. Historical Society

The Bingham County Historical Society (BCHS) bustled with activity Wednesday night for its 100 yr. celebration of the Standrod Bank. BCHS held an open house in which 101 attendees joined in the festivities. Janet Alvarez, President of BCHS was excited about the turnout and has big plans for the future development and protection of the BCHS archives, photos and Bingham County history. Alvarez said, "Our focus is on trying to get everything preserved. We need UV protective windows and UV protective sleeves for the lights. We are working on getting all the photos and negatives preserved as well." BCHS is open for donation and is currently enlisting members for $10 a month per person or $15 per couple/family. Members receive a monthly newsletter. BCHS hosted speaker Jim Johnston, Idaho State Historical Society Trustee.
BCHS also got permission from Hard Bodies owner to show off the Bunting Bank located at 75 NW Main. The Bunting Bank was built in 1895 and Louis Bates shared a bit of its history claiming that it is the "most unmodified building in the area." The Bunting Bank holds its original shiny black vault and has been stripped down to its brick interior.