Charter school students participate in STEM Fair

The gymnasium at the Idaho Science and Technology Center Charter School was filled with information, science projects and trinkets from other countries. Children sat amongst their projects anxiously waiting for the judges to come and ask them questions.
Sheldon Smith proudly showed off his STEM fair project Thursday as did other seventh and eighth graders from Idaho Science and Technology Center (ISTC). Smith's project was on "why cats do what they do". Smith said, " I learned about their history and behaviors. I tested sounds that cats hear every day that we don't normally pay attention to... like birds chirping." Other projects included experiments with depth perception, electro-magnetism, breaking horses, stretching muscles and even Jell-o.
Keigan Love said of his music project, "I learned that sound waves travel in a spring- like spiral motion."
The students have been working on the projects since the beginning of February. Taylor Davison said her favorite part of the project is "that it's over!" She also said that she learned a lot about gathering information off the Internet and that it was more difficult than she thought it would be.
The STEM project is designed to help students gain an understanding of the type of skills needed in future careers. The ISTC promotes a hands on learning environment and believes that by doing, the students will understand science. Sixth graders also presented their country reports at the fair.