Citizens, city officials explore options for solving 'train problem'

Some "out of the box" ideas were offered to Blackfoot Mayor Paul Loomis and the Blackfoot City Council on how to contend with the city's "train problem" at a town hall meeting held in Blackfoot on Tuesday night.
About 60 concerned citizens attended the meeting called by Loomis as the city prepares to apply for a Tiger Grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation in hopes of getting $1 million to have a feasibility study done on what can be done to work around the trains that have been aggravating residents for years.
City Councilman Skip Gardner stressed, "This is not the time to complain about how our lives have been stopped by the trains. We've all been affected by the trains. We're here to find a solution to a definite problem that we have here in Blackfoot."
City leaders have been toying with the idea of constructing an overpass or underpass for years. Loomis, who just took office this year, wants to be the mayor to start the process of doing "something" to resolve the problem.
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