City council approves BMH intern ride-along program

Blackfoot city officials approved an amendment to allow Bingham Memorial Hospital interns to ride and train with the city's ambulance and fire crews during a special meeting at City Hall on Tuesday.
Blackfoot Mayor Paul Loomis said that BMH officials originally instigated a program to have the city's "ambulance service employees" work with the interns at the hospital - giving the city an opportunity to earn up to $60k with the program. However, Loomis said it became difficult to find ambulance employees who could cover at the hospital for the hours needed.
Now, the residents can ride "on the job" with the city crews to gain experience while still allowing the city to earn some money.
Blackfoot Fire Chief Kevin Gray called this a "win-win," saying, "We can learn a lot from these interns fresh out of medical school."
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