City Council lowers speed limit by cemetery

The Blackfoot City Council approved the lowering of the speed limit on Highway 91 in front of the Grove City Cemetery on Tuesday night.
The speed limit is currently 55 miles per hour but will drop to 45.
Mayor Mike Virtue told members of the Council it was important they make the decision now because there's a bill in the Idaho Legislature which would take away cities' ability to lower speeds on state highways which run through their communities.
Council members also approved awarding contracts for engineering and planning services to Armstrong-Keller related to the Blackfoot Airport. Virtue said the city awards such contracts for five-year periods and that there are no specific needs for those services immediately.
Morgan Hatt presented the city's 2011 audit report, which the Council approved.
Hatt reported that revenue was down 1 1/2 percent and expenses were up the same amount but noted that, despite that, revenue exceeded expenses by $700,000.
"The city's fund balance is solid," Hatt said. "We're optimistic about the future of the City of Blackfoot. It's had a fantastic year when put in the context of the last four years."
In one other action the Council approved a change in the catering permit ordinance which gives the police department flexibility to determine abuse. The ordinance currently allows the holder of a beer license to occasionally move the site of its use. The change, which follows state law, closes any loopholes in which a business owner used the catering permit holder to avoid the requirement to get a full-blown license.