CloeRene Bassett Pannel, 87

CloeRene Pannel. 87. resided with her youngest daughter, Ann and her husband Earl Neumann in Wilder. since 2003. Prior to that she lived in Blackfoot for many years. CloeRene passed away on Monday. Feb. 11, 2013, at West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell.
CloeRene was born to Ernest and Lilly Bassett on Jan. 27, 1926 in Howell, Utah. She was the second of nine children. She had 5 sisters and three brothers. Her sisters are DaleAnn Christensen, Illa Stewart, Darlene Beebe, Phyllis Thornock, and Evelyn Stewart, all still living. Her three brothers; Carlyle Bassett, Carlos Bassett and William Bassett are all deceased. 
On April 21, 1944 she married the love of her life, Marion John Pannel. Together they had 11 children. They had six girls and five boys. Lillian Morford of Blackfoot, Lucille Blair of Blackfoot, Johnny Pannel of Pingree, Steven Pannel (deceased), Kathleen Lockhart of Blackfoot, Renee Rayburn of Blackfoot, Jody Pannel (deceased), Bradley Pannel of Pocatello, Paul Pannel of Blackfoot, Vernon Pannel of Blackfoot and Ann Neumann of Wilder. In 1980 CloeRene and Marion took on the parental roles to yet another three children. Mickey, Adaline, and Jason due to their mother’s death.
CloeRene had 26 grandkids and many step-grandkids that she acquired along the way.
They are Gina, Shirley, Lavern, June (Lucille) Steven, Arlene, Jimmy, John (Johnny) April, CloeRene, John, Paul (Kathleen) Nicole, Jeffery, Dale Jr (Renee) Mickey, Adaline, Jason, Stephanie (Jody) Sarah, Jody, Cassondra (Bradley) Megan (Paul) Soncere, Mariah (Vernon) Terri (Ann)  There are 51 great-grandkids with many more that were adopted along the way. She had 12 great- great-grandkids. Christopher has Leena and CaseyJo. Kayla Foate has Keyara and Kussondra,Thomas had Madison .Kassie has Shilo. Amber has Sophie. Jimmy has Joshua and Caleb. Felicia has Blake, and Brittany has Rigin, and Terri has Grayson.
CloeRene was the most amazing mother and grandmother there ever was and she will be missed dearly.