Commemorative trail ride is fun

MORGAN'S BRIDGE — The wagons didn't show up for the commemorative Wagon Train but about 30 riders took advantage of the trail ride.
Morgan's Bridge was the campsite on Thursday.
The trail ride continues today from Morgan's Bridge to the lunch site at Trail Creek Road. Tonight's camp will be set up at Miner's Creek Road.
Everyone is welcome to join the trail ride at any point.
Musicians performed Thursday evening. Cowboy poetry will be featured tonight.
The ride ends at Cedar Creek on Saturday. At 1 p.m. on Saturday, the county is sponsoring a free barbecue at Cedar Creek.
Please call commission clerk Lynette George at (208) 782-3013 or email her at to reserve a spot.
Remember to bring a lawn chair for the barbecue.
Bingham County Commissioners organized this commemorative ride to honor Idaho's Sesquicentennial; 150 years ago Idaho became a territory.
"We did this to commemorate what early settlers did," said Commissioner Ladd Carter. "We also thought possibly people haven't had opportunity to do this sort of thing.
"The kids have had so much fun," he said.
Five young riders had never been on a trail ride before.
Hannah Wolfley, 7, said the ride was "good."
Hannah is also an avid rock collector. She found three rocks with fossils just by walking along the road. She was also in no rush to leave the campsite.
Sierra Wolfley, 11, said, "It's awesome except for the heat."
"I'm riding in my mom's saddle," said Lily Wolfley.
"It's super fun," said 7-year-old Kamden Bruegeman. "I get to spend time with my grandma."
Sophie Waldrom told her grandpa, Whitney Manwaring, that "her butt was kind of little and boney." Her grandparents added more padding under her saddle.
Mike Dodge from Moreland and his granddaughter, Kyra Trahant, were watering their horses in the river at the campsite.
"We are doing this for the fun of it," Dodge said. "We didn't find the starting point so we took a ride around [Morgan's Bridge] and waited for the rest of the people to show up."
The trail ride was not without mishap. Rider Boyd Gardner's horse spooked and he was thrown.
Asked how he was he said, "I'm good."
Gardner has been on lots of wagon rides.
"I've been an outrider, wagon master and flunky," Gardner said. "I like being an outrider; checking on how everyone is doing."
He has been on wagon train rides, "mostly for the church." He has traveled on various wagon trains from Cardston, Alberta, Canada, to San Marino, Calif.; from Anacortes, Wash., to the Mississippi River.
Bruce Lloyd is the medic on this trek.
"I have a satellite phone and 700 radio with me in case we need to airlift someone out of here," said Commissioner Whitney Manwaring. "We have a buckboard filled with medical supplies, plus water and gator aide."
The pace of the trail ride was very inviting. The riders were at the campsite about mid-afternoon.
Kids were fishing in the river. Others were watering their horses and still others were preparing for the evening meal.