Community going to pot — in support of Relay for Life

Blackfoot businesses are going to pot!!! Actually, no, it's quite the opposite...'the pot' is going to Blackfoot businesses!
It's all part of a creative fundraiser for this year's Bingham County 'Relay For Life' - instigated by team 'Fishing For A Cure.' Chances are, you could 'get flushed' and end up with a bright, purple commode on the front steps of your home or business - complete with a Baby Ruth candy bar in the toilet bowl - and you'll have to pay to have it removed!!
The team's fundraising chairperson, Stephanie Whitworth, said, "This is a fun and unique way to bring a very personal problem into full view and 'help flush out cancer' for good!"
Whitworth said "Fishing For A Cure" is a family team started by her grandmother, Velma Butler, to honor her husband, (grandfather) Herb Butler who lost a battle with brain cancer in 2007. Velma Brown is also a cancer survivor. This is the fourth year the Butler Family team has participated in 'Relay For Life.'
"Everybody's lives are touched by cancer at some point," Whitworth said. "Whether it's themselves, a friend, a relative...cancer is indeed a personal problem and we want to bring it into view."
There are three of the funky purple toilets making the rounds in the community. The first three businesses to get 'flushed' were Bower's Collision and Refinishing, Tommy Vaughn's Grill and Carol Holm Financial.
If you are 'flushed' - here's how you can help: Donate $5 to learn who 'flushed' you; $10 - to pick up the toilet, $20 - to pick up the toilet and 'flush' someone else of your choosing, $30 - to pick up the toilet, 'flush' someone of your choosing and receive 'flush insurance' which will prevent you from being flushed again this year.
Whitworth said this is the first time such a fundraiser has been done in Blackfoot. "I found the idea on the Internet and tweaked it for this particular event," she said. "The toilets were donated by Standard Plumbing; the 'potty' artwork was done by a family friend, Jen Jackman, who painted the purple commodes and added some colorful art to each pot...making each one different."
The 'Help Flush Out Cancer' fundraiser will go until June 15, which is the kick-off day for 'Relay for Life' in Bingham County.
For more information or to arrange for a 'potty' pick-up call 208-705-7300.