Crow uses Alford plea

BLACKFOOT — Lawrence James Crow, age 25, pleaded guilty to attempted murder Wednesday when he appeared before Seventh District Judge Darren Simpson.
Crow was arrested July 22, 2010, and charged with one count of attempted murder and one count of battery—domestic violence. On that date, the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office and Blackfoot Police Department responded to a shots fired call in the Groveland area. After arriving, officers learned of a gunshot victim with a wound to the lower left arm.
The victim was transported to Bingham Memorial Hospital.
Wednesday, Crow used an Alford plea to plead guilty.
In an Alford plea, the criminal defendant does not admit the act, but admits that the prosecution could likely prove the charge.
The court pronounces the defendant guilty.
An Alford plea allows the defendant to plead guilty even while unable or unwilling to admit guilt.
A defendant making an Alford plea maintains his innocence of the offense charged. One reason for making such a plea may be to avoid being convicted on a more serious charge.
Crow pleaded guilty to the attempted murder charge. Prosecuting Attorney Scott Andrew dropped the two enhancement charges. The two enhancement charges that were dropped were inflicting great bodily injury and use of a firearm in commission of an offense.
Crow maintain the victim pushed the gun and that caused the weapon to fire.
In the courtroom, Judge Simpson asked prosecuting attorney Andrew to fill in the gaps of Crow’s actions.
Two weeks before this incident, the alleged victim and Crow had broken up, Andrew reiterated. Three days before the incident, Crow purchased a gun.
The victim said she had returned to Crow’s home to pick up their son.
Crow was to have come out of his home, locking the front door behind him. He then went to his vehicle where he picked up the fun off the floor board and put it into his pocket.
Screaming, the victim grabs the door knob. Crow’s sister opens the door and the victim enters the home.
Crow was to have taken a shot at her in the living room but the gun to not fire.
Crow’s aunt then gets between Crow and his victim. It is thought Crow wrapped his arms around his aunt to point the gun at the victim’s face.
The victim puts up her hand to protect her face when Crow fires the .22 magnum. The bullet hits the edge of her pinky finger and goes down her forearm.
Crow’s aunt is pulling shirt; pulling him away from the victim as the victim goes into the bathroom.
In his interview with police after the incident, Crow said that nothing seemed to happen when he pulled the trigger in the living so he pulled the trigger a second time and saw the blood.
Crow will be sentenced at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 8.
He could be sentenced to 15 years in the Idaho Department of Corrections.