Election results decisive in each race

The election results were decisive in each contest.
·        In Blackfoot School District Zone 5, Mary Jo Marlow garnered 146 votes to Lori Kitzmiller’s 66 votes.
The breakdown by voting precinct follows:
Blackfoot 1—Kitzmiller 14; Marlow 27
Wapello 19—Kitzmiller 14; Marlow 58
Blackfoot 23—Kitzmiller 13; Marlow 22
Absentee 31—Kitzmiller 25; Marlow 39
·        In Shelley School District Zone 5, newcomer Sharlene Jolley defeated incumbent Vicki Johnson. It was Jolley 133; Johnson 29.
By voting precincts, the count was:
Shelley 13—Johnson 3; Jolley 12
Shelley 14—Johnson 14; Jolley 87
Absentee 31—Johnson 12; Jolley 24
·        In Snake River School District Zone 4, Kent Miller with 97 votes defeated Robert Wright who garnered 22 votes.
The vote totals by precinct were:
Riverside 17—Wright 17; Miller 50
Riverside 24—Wright 2; Miller 27
Absentee 31—Wright 3; Miller 20
·        In the Moreland Water & Sewer District, LuJean Warnick defeated Robert E. Lee Baker. It was Warnick 44; Baker 4.
The votes by precinct were:
Moreland 11—Warnick 44; Baker 1
Absentee 31—Warnick 0; Baker 4
“The election was good,” said Marlene Jensen, the Bingham County Clerk’s Election Director. “It went really slow because there were not a lot of voters but the election officials did well.”
The election office received voting totals by 9:15 p.m. on Tuesday.