Elvis leaves building to play Music in the Park

Elvis Has Left The Building and the band arrived in Blackfoot Wednesday evening to perform before an appreciative audience of about 200 people.
The band was performing as part of Music in the Park series that performs at Courthouse Square throughout the summer.
Band members are Angier Wells from Pocatello, Matt Murdoch from Blackfoot and Greg Mladenka from Pocatello. Kim Tweedy from Tweedy's Music in Blackfoot was on percussion.
The band performed its own music. The band's style is upbeat and easy listening.
"We all three write and sing our own songs," Wells said. "It's wonderful to be able to play our own music.
"Sometimes we work days, weeks and even years, trying to make it just right," he said. "It's nice to play our own songs; to tell stories and have people sit and listen."
"Artists like Jimmy Buffett and I have an agreement," said Wells. "We won't play his music and he won't play ours."
"We play outside in the summer," said Wells. "It's so much better than playing in a bar.
Wells has been part of Elvis Has Left The Building for about 20 years.
The name, Elvis Has Left The Building, was taken from a plaque Wells' sister had given him.
"It's funny when people ask the name of our band," Wells said. "When they hear our band's name is Elvis Has Left The Building, they say, 'I've heard that band.'"
And so has Wednesday evening's audience.