Family donates apples to kids

BLACKFOOT – Offer a kid an apple and he will run a lap? That was the plan at Ridge Crest Elementary Friday and it worked.
In order to promote healthy lifestyles, students at Ridge Crest have the opportunity to walk or run laps during afternoon recess with volunteers standing at a checkpoint offering encouragement and punching walking cards. The physical activity is meant to help establish healthy habits for life.
The turnout on the track was much higher Friday when students learned there was a free apple after walking the first lap.
Marc Isom and his family donated over 400 apples to the school and the kids came running.
“We are hoping to teach the kids that if they exercise and eat healthy, they will have a better life,” said PTA volunteer Melissa Gordon.
“We don’t have a ton of money available for schools right now,” said principal Colin Folsam. “But sometimes you don’t need a lot of money to make a difference. Sometimes the little things are a big deal.”
Brent Gordon Law and Walmart have also donated to the walking program this year.