Fire Department upgrades heart machines

If needed, help is on the way. The Blackfoot fire station has upgraded its equipment to be able to identify if a patient is having a heart attack. [A heart attack is called a myocardial infarction (MI).]
The physio-control machine is a 12-lead program, said Blackfoot Fire Chief Kevin Gray. It gives paramedics 12 different views of the heart.
"This is state of art equipment," he said.
Each of the four physio-control machines owned by the fire department received upgrades. The cost was $8,000 per upgrade.
"We budgeted for the upgrades," said Gray.
Each of the four Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances have one of these machines on board.
The one ambulance stationed at Rockford is a Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance. It does not carry one of these machines.
The physio-control machines have already been used by the paramedics, said the chief.
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