Fire destroys Fort Hall home

A blackened shell is what's left of John and Johny Walker's mobile home in Fort Hall. Their mobile home on the north of Sixth Street between B and C Avenue in Fort Hall was destroyed by fire Tuesday afternoon.
Fort Hall firemen received the emergency call at 3:32 p.m. and put out the blaze in about three hours. The firemen were able to keep the fire contained to this one mobile home. Four other mobile homes encircled the Walker home.
On each side of the mobile home—to the east and to the west—the fire melted the siding on those mobile homes.
"The side of my mobile home [the home to the east of the fire] is melted," said neighbor Fawn Tendoy. "Windows are broken and there is lots of smoke damage."
The home to the west of the fire is unoccupied. It, too, has damaged siding.
Firemen were able to stop the fire at the fence line of the property north of the fire.
"I'm sure glad I built that fence," said neighbor Lee Eagle. "All that's left is a towel on the line."
The fire burned the fence and clothesline of the property to the north. The southwest corner of Eagle's storage shed was blackened. The southwest corner of his mobile home was also damaged.
Firemen were able to stop the fire at the fence line.
The Fort Hall Fire Department "brought everything we had" (six units) to the fire. Three units from Chubbuck and one unit from Blackfoot also helped fight this fire.
"Our guys did an awesome job," said Fort Hall Fire Chief Brian Briggs. "We also appreciate everything [the guys from Chubbuck and Blackfoot] do for us."
The American Red Cross was called to assist Walker, said Briggs.
"The start of the fire is under investigation," the fire chief said.
"I want to remind people that the high temperatures and the low humidity make the fire hazards very high," he said. "Be careful with everything you do when lighting fires.
"The conditions of high temperatures and low humidity are like a matchbox ready to start," said Briggs.