Fire fighters knock down shed blaze

Sparks from cutting metal with a skill saw ignited a fire at 713 W. 10 N. in Riverside Wednesday afternoon, said Blackfoot Fire Chief Kevin Gray. A shed, pump house and a couple of salvaged cars were burned at Dwain Sjostrom's property.
Blackfoot firemen and volunteers protected the double wide mobile home on the property. No one was injured.
The neighbor whose home was northwest of the fire was evacuated as the black smoke drifted in that direction.
Neighbor Charlene Cherry had called 911.
"I didn't know what to do but when [the fire] started and it started to boom; I called 911," said Cherry.
Propane tanks near the salvaged vehicles on the property provided the booms.
Four fire trucks and one command vehicle put out the fire. Nine firemen and volunteers battled the fire, said Gray.