Flood damage hit homes and businesses hard

BLACKFOOT—Many homes and business throughout the area were severely damaged due to a flash flood that hit the Blackfoot area on Wednesday. There are yet no reports of significant crop damage.
A torrential rainstorm dropped at least 3 inches of rain in the first 15 minutes on Wednesday.
While some folks were just contending with flood water, others were flooded with sewage backup in their homes due to the city's wastewater system becoming overwhelmed with too much water. Bingham County's Public Information Officer Scott Reese estimates that over 100 homes have damage from sewage backup.
Businessman Wes Potter, owner of Blackfoot's Home Property Management, manages 200 rentals in the area and as of Thursday afternoon he still making his way through houses and apartments assessing damage. Potter said that homes on the southwest side of Blackfoot (including Riverton Rd., McAdoo St. and Center St.) were hit the worst - many with the dreaded sewage issues; while most of the affected homes in east and central Blackfoot were hit with just flood water from minor seepage to up to 18 inches of standing water.
"I think every house with a basement has had flood issues from minor to really serious," Potter said.
Potter said that some of the sewage problems he has witnessed while assessing properties "has been bad."
"Sewage water has been coming up through toilets and drains from the sewer main," he said. "Some people had sewage shooting out of their drains like a fountain. It was really gross!"
Potter said he is still in the process of contacting all of the property owners, many who live out of the area, to inform them of what has happened.
See Friday's Morning News for the full story.