Fort Hall to celebrate Treaty Days

Those eager to see some great fireworks (and even light some of their own) can do so in a safe and controlled environment tonight starting at dusk at the Fort Hall rodeo grounds. The firework show is in celebration of Shoshone-Bannock 'Treaty Day' and Independence Day.
According to Randy 'L Teton, public affairs manager for the Sho-Ban Tribes, 'Treaty Day' is in recognition of a peace treaty signed on July 3, 1868 in Fort Bridger (which at that time was in Utah Territory) between the Shoshone and Bannock Indian tribes and the United States government.
"This was a way of putting on paper a commitment between the government and tribes to work together and live together in peace," Teton said. "We celebrate July 3rd as a national holiday as well as July 4th Independence Day."
The 'Treaty Day' firework show is an annual event sponsored by Fort Hall Casino and will feature some of the biggest and brightest fireworks in the area.
Because of the high fire danger this year, Teton said officials are asking tribal members who wish to additionally light off their own personal fireworks, to bring them to the rodeo grounds tonight where the Fort Hall Fire Department will be on hand to take care of any fires that may flare up.
Local radio station KUPI 99.1 FM, 99.5 FM and 980 AM will begin broadcasting the music in sync with the fireworks show at 10 p.m. The show is free and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the celebration.
Teton noted that all fireworks will be banned in Fort Hall effective July 6.