Girl Scouts learn about fishing

Representatives of the Idaho Fish and Game were at Jensen Grove Monday evening to help Girl Scouts of the Silver Sage Council try their hand at fishing. Since rainstorms were making their way through Blackfoot, the girls and their friends split their time between fishing on the piers and gathering together in the amphitheater.
"This is my first time [fishing] ever," said Aeris Curtis, age 9.
Byllie Baxter explained how to bait a hook.
"Cover above the barb," she said. "Fish only have a little mouth. You don't want them to take only the bait and not the hook."
Another scout said she learned, "Don't fish in the rain."
"Leave when it rains," said another.
Scouts, their leaders and friends brought a picnic supper that featured pizza. By the early evening, no one had yet caught a fish.
"It a great thing Fish and Game does," said Kelly Stombaugh, membership manager of Girl Scouts of the Silver Sage Council. "A lot of troops don't meet as often in the summer so this is a way for us to provide an activity for the girls."
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