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Haunted house in Blackfoot?

October 31, 2013

Morning News-Lisa Lete Former Blackfoot resident Heidi Jacoby Cook, sits outside of a home at 325 N. Meridian Street, with her son Talon (9) and Ethan Ayuso (7) the son of the current tenant Erick Schneider. Cook had a chance to go back inside the home that she lived in for three years where, she claims, there were many strange and scary occurrences.

BLACKFOOT — For three years (1999-2002), Heidi Jacoby Cook said she did not get a good night’s sleep while living in a house at 325 N. Meridian Street in Blackfoot. Cook believes the house is haunted and claims to have experienced some strange and “downright scary” things within the walls of the home. And she’s not the only one.
Cook, who was in her early 20’s at the time, made an agreement with the home owner (who was also her employer at Blackfoot’s 20th Century Ford), that she would help fix up the old, run down, two-story house - in exchange for living at the residence for low rent.
“The strange happenings started the very first day I was in the house.” Cook explained. “It was late spring and I was at the house taking some measurements. I hadn’t officially moved in yet.”
See Thursday's Morning News for more of Cook's experience's in the house.

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