I.F. bomb squad recovers possible explosive device

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 4:18 p.m., the Blackfoot Police Department responded to an apartment complex on South Broadway in Blackfoot reference a possible explosive device.
When officers arrived on scene, they found the device in a vacant apartment. Officers sent a picture and description to the Idaho Falls bomb squad who later came to the scene.
The neighboring apartments were evacuated, said Blackfoot Police Captain Kurt Asmus.
The device was made safe and is being examined by the bomb squad. No one was injured.
The officers were on the scene for four hours, Asmus said.
The Blackfoot Police will determine who last rented the apartment and/or who had access to it.
The Idaho Falls bomb squad will determine what it is and the potential damage it could cause. The exact makeup of the device is unknown at this time.
"We have yet to determine if and when there will be any charges," said Asmus.