Inquiries made about trustee recall

A local attorney made Inquiry on behalf of a client in the Bingham County clerk's office about the process of recalling a school trustee in the Blackfoot School District on Thursday.
This recall inquiry was made regarding school trustee Peter Lipovac who represents Zone 1. Lipovac was elected and took office in 2009. His term ends in 2013.
As of 2011, the county handles all elections.
According to Idaho Code 34-1702, the [recall] petition shall be filed with the county clerk of the county wherein the district is located.
The petition must be signed by registered electors of the district equal in number to 50 percent of the number of electors who cast votes in the last election of the district.
For example, if 350 electors cast their ballots in the 2009 Zone 1 election, 175 signatures would need to be collected to have a recall election.
If no district election has been held in the last six years, the petition must be signed by 20 percent of the number of electors registered to vote in the district at the time the petition is filed.
There are approximately 1,250 voters in Blackfoot School Zone 1.
This provision of the statute probably would not apply since the election took place in 2009, three years ago.