Kate Wheeler named Blackfoot's DYW

BLACKFOOT-Blackfoot High School student Kate Wheeler was chosen from 27 contestants to be Blackfoot's "Distinguished Young Woman" at the new "New York-New York" themed program at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center Saturday night. As "Distinguished Young Woman" she earned a scholarship of $1,400.
Hansen performed a flawless flute solo of "Carnival of Venice" which earned her the second place award in the talent category for an additional scholarship of $350. She also placed first in the "self expression category for a scholarship of $450 and third in the interview category for a scholarship of $350.
Wheeler said she "hopes to make a difference in her home, community and career and help people change their lives for the better."
"I'm continuing my education and doing what I can to serve others," she said.
The first runner-up was Emily Jensen who also performed a flute solo. She will receive a $1,200 scholarship. She placed first in the interview category for a scholarship of $450 and second in "self expression" for a scholarship of $350.
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