Kindergartners present "Goldielocks"

Kindergarten students from Blackfoot Community Charter Learning Center (BCCLC) gave a smashing rendition of the age-old tale "Goldielocks and the Three Bears".
Students sang their little hearts out to catchy tunes that told of cold porridge, broken chairs, and the important message of not "snooping".
Narrators Taylor Best and Claire Billings read aloud the story line to the attentive audience. The bear family portrayed by Cash Kirwan, Keira Christensen and Hailey Burkman enthusiastically played their parts. The role of Goldielocks was perfectly cast with Kaitlin Smith's bouncy curls and happy demeanor. Other students were forest trees and flowers and sang loudly for all to hear. The students were under the direction of Mrs. Houston. Other kindergarten classes will perform Wednesday afternoon.