Legacy Dance Studio remodels for Zumba-

BLACKFOOT —The smell of fresh paint and the sound of hammers accost the senses when you are undergoing a remodel.
Bright red, purple and green walls replace the once stark white canvases. A large stage has been placed for the instructors to show their Zumba moves to their class. Lacy Grover, owner of Legacy Dance Studio, is thrilled to be back from maternity leave to re-join her clients for the Zumba classes.
Grover said she feels that Zumba had become such an important part of what they are doing that they wanted to design the remodel specifically for those classes.
"I teach children's dance classes during the day. Everything was organized for dance." She added, "we used a small platform for our stage and it just wasn't big enough."
Grover started instructing Zumba in November of 2010. She has five instructors that the dancers rotate through.
Grover reports that her studion has a surprisingly low turnover rate with their clients "They say Zumba is addicting."
Zumba was first established in 2001 and has since gone worldwide.
"It's so successful because it is so effective," Grover said.
Grover said that all of her students have seen muscle definition and weight loss.
"I have some students who would wear a calorie counter to my classes and would consistently burn 700- 900 calories in the hour."
Zumba itself is a Latin dance-inspired workout routine modified to add fitness elements. The sessions are one hour long during which dancers go through 14 or 15 different songs.
"The routine is not the same every night. There are favorites that some of the ladies have and we try to incorporate those." said Grover. She added that the instructors are all certified in Zumba and they are constantly learning new choreography.
Grover emphasized that Zumba is not just for women, "Men hear the word dance and think women. The person that founded Zumba is a man. I would love to see more men come."
"You don't have to know how to dance to do Zumba. I urge my clients to go at their own pace and have fun. It doesn't matter if you do the moves right. It's important that you are having fun and that you sweat!" said Grover.
Classes run nightly Monday- Friday from 8-9 p.m. The grand re-opening will be Wednesday night and will be free for everyone.
Friday night Grover and her staff will conduct a black light night. Legacy Dance Studio is at 955 Market St., behind Kesler's Market.