Little Buckaroos strut their stuff

The air was filled with the sounds of chickens and sheep along with the dust as children and parents waited anxiously Saturday night at the Little Buckaroo rodeo. With 400 entries this year the rodeo broke the record.

In the first section of sheep riding, Dallas Fullmer, Nathanial Mathews, and R.J. Larson were able to ride their sheep almost all the way around the arena.
Watching the children do their best to stay on the sheep even when the animals wouldn’t cooperate, and tried running back into another gate was so much fun.
Despite being thrown off of sheep the kids and parents all seemed to be having a great time.
“We had a blast,” said Susan Fullmer of Blackfoot.
One of the other events was the ribbon pull, with goats having ribbons tied to their legs, horns and tails while children ran up and tried to pull the ribbons off. There were also stick pony races with little ones racing their stick pony up to the center of the arena around the barrel and back to the start.
Everybody was a winner at the Little Buckaroos rodeo. As each child finished an event they received a shiny silver belt buckle for all of their hard work.