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Moreland students get demonstration from INL firemen

October 21, 2011

Morning News — Leslie Mielke Kindergartner Denver Hacking returns to his classmates at Moreland Elementary Thursday after helping demonstrate what to do in case of a fire in your home. Underneath the suit is Todd Leavitt, an INL fireman.

MORELAND — In recognition of National Fire Prevention Week, firemen from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) spoke to students at Moreland Elementary Thursday.
"In case of a fire in your house, what are you supposed to do?" asked INL fireman Todd Leavitt.
"Get out," was the reply.
"What if you can't get out of your room? Are you supposed to hide in a closet or under the bed?"
"No," the students replied.
"When we come crawling in to find you, slap the floor hard so we can hear you," Leavitt said.
"What if your clothes are on fire?" he asked.
"Stop, drop and roll," the students said.
Leavitt also put on his fire suit so students would not be afraid when they see the fireman approaching them in a fire.
Students also crawled through a smoke trailer to learn to crawl, not walk, through smoke.
Smoke rises to the top of a room, so it's best to crawl on your hands and knees to get out, said INL Fire Department Captain Kevin Van Orden.
"The smoke generator in the trailer puts out a steam more than a smoke," Van Orden said. "It's really banana oil."

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