MVMS students rewarded with BMX show

BLACKFOOT — It's not every day that a school principal sits on top of a bike ramp for the sole purpose of letting a stunt rider attempt to jump over his head in front of the entire student body! That's just what Mountain View Middle School principal Todd Lauritsen did as part of a special assembly rewarding the students for a successful fundraiser selling Paul Deen cookie dough.
Lauritsen said the fundraiser was to help raise money to purchase new projectors for the school and, while all the numbers have not been completely tallied yet, he believes profit from the fundraiser is close to $10,000.
"I'd really like to thank the community and the PTA for supporting the kids with this fundraiser," Lauritsen said. "The kids had a lot of fun selling the cookie dough and were able to earn some good prizes personally for themselves in addition to the BMX stunt show for everyone to enjoy."
Lauritsen said, Kevin Shriner, (a fundraising consultant who represents Great American Opportunities out of Nashville), was able to bring the three man BMX stunt group to Blackfoot from Michigan for the rewards assembly. The BMX group is sponsored by the National Guard and brings along a bike swing unlike any in the United States.
"The kids really had a good time," he added. "The riders took the time to talk to the kids and sign autographs."
Lauritsen joked that thankfully, the BMX rider made a successful jump over his head and that he was not injured in the stunt.
For those who ordered cookie dough in the fundraiser, Lauritsen said it should be in by Nov. 1.