New Math Program explored at SR

ROCKFORD — Sixth grade math teachers and one second grade teacher enthusiastically reported on their test drive of the Star Enterprise Math Program to the Snake River Board of Trustees on Wednesday.
The Star Enterprise Math Program is an accelerated math program that is aligned to the common core, vertically and horizontally, said sixth grade math teacher Carol Adams. Adams headed up piloting this program for the last couple months.
"Star Enterprises bridges assessment and instruction," she said. "The testing helps the teacher personalize math to their students."
"[This program lets me] know exactly where my students are and what they need," said Adams. "This program has changed the style of my teaching."
Three benchmark tests are given students—possibly one in Fall, Winter and Spring. More data points are given as each student progresses. The program also tracks each student's need of intervention.
Sixth grader Lorenzo said he has already mastered 79 math standards.
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