Pattern horse racing comes to Blackfoot

The 47th Annual National Championship O-MOK-SEE is Sunday through Friday at the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds.
Admission is free to all events. The public is welcome.
O-Mok-See is the sport of pattern horse racing.
The sport of O-Mok-See originates with the Blackfeet Indian Tribe where they described a particular style of riding as "oh-mak-see pass-kan" meaning "riding big dance."
Competitors are divided into age groups. The youngest is ages 7 and under. The oldest is 40 and over and is divided into men and women.
The O-Mok-See starts at 9 a.m. each day except Thursday when events begin at noon.
The Devil's Cowhide for adults is a highlight. It is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.
In O-Mok-See, riders compete three lanes at a time, said National O-Mok-See secretary Deana Reh-Lverett. Each lane is timed.
Registered are 275 competitors. If a person was interested in competing, contact Reh-Lverett at the crows' nest near the bucking chute area.
Riders come from 10 different states—Idaho, Montana, Kansas, South Dakota, Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, Utah, Oklahoma and Missouri.

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