Police investigating allegations of BMH wrongdoing

Blackfoot Police Chief Dave Moore confirmed Thursday that his department is looking into allegations on the criminal side against Bingham Memorial Hospital.
“We met with the prosecuting attorney this morning [Thursday] asking for direction,” said Moore, “whether we should continue the investigation or not.
“The prosecutor told us to continue moving forward,” he said, “so we are in an ongoing investigation.  
“We hope to sort out allegations cited by former employees about business practices at the hospital to determine if anything happened or if it didn’t happen,” said Moore.
Prosecuting Attorney Scott Andrew said, as was reported, he and Chief Moore met and discussed buckets of information that has been brought to the attention of the police.
"So far, we have no jurisdiction, just complaints," Andrew said. "We got down to matters that may be criminal; they clearly need more investigation.
"After investigating, we will meet and chat again to assess it at that point," said Andrew.
In response to the news, hospital spokesman Paul Kotter forwarded the following statement from the board of directors:
"We were informed today of a local law enforcement investigation related to Bingham Memorial Hospital. It is our understanding that the investigation involves a former employee. The Board has pledged its full cooperation to the authorities conducting the investigation.
"The Board takes this situation very seriously, as it does other issues that have been raised recently in media reports.
"Meanwhile, while the Board and hospital personnel cooperate fully with local law enforcement our dedicated and professional staff continues to provide quality care to our patients and the community we serve. Our mission is to provide quality health care to our patients and we are completely committed to that mission."